Development fund

Raising money to provide more facilities for our students

The Need

In recent years, namely from the moment the school stopped renting buildings and moving, doing repairs and moving again when it bought the building, the number of students has been growing. In 2019 it reached a maximum. The amount that the school can accommodate. According to the trend of increasing the number of students, according to the number of children who attend the Waldorf kindergartens of Voronezh, a large number of students in primary school in 2020 can be predicted. However, the school is able to accommodate only a quarter of all who wish to get an education according to the Steiner method.

The Project

The school has an attached building, a workshop class has been created in part of it. The project includes the reconstruction of the rest of the building for spacious classes and the construction of a second floor with large classes. We will use the existing foundation and walls, ecological and low-cost materials, also reusing the roofing material

The Cost

The estimated overall cost of this build is between $90k and $110k. It is possible to split works and, accordingly, divide the finance of these parts.

Our Fundraising so far

As of today we have raised a total of over $600 by holding one-off events

These are our fundraising events planned for the next several months

  • Great winter celebration and christmas market
  • Wide spring carnival
  • Summer camp
  • Harvest festival

We hope to raise a further $2400 plus with these events.

We will also be approaching other specifically targeted grant-making trusts and charitable foundations for support, as well as businesses. We can not borrow part of the required money, because we pay a loan of $153,846, taken to purchase the building.

How you can help!

Are you an ex pupil, an ex parent or family member or friend? and/or

Would you like to help future children benefit from a Steiner/Waldorf education?

If so here are some ways you can help us achieve our dream:

  1. Make a donation (see Donation form below)
  2. Hold a sponsored event
  3. Buy our crafts and handmade products
  4. Allocate money from your fund
  5. Get involved in our fundraising work

Thank you for your support!



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